What chords should I learn first on guitar? – Easy Way To Learn Electric Guitar Chords

Don’t be an idiot, there are so many excellent guitar solos from around the world, you will not necessarily need to learn each one of them first.
Stand By Me (Ben E King) Capo 2nd - Guitar Chord Chart ...

Many popular guitar songs (such as the Beatles’ “Helter Skelter” and the Rolling Stones’ “Paint it Black”) contain well-known lines, but the lines aren’t the thing here we are looking to learn; rather, we need to first learn how to play them, which is quite similar to learning chords as well (except that you are learning it slowly).

It is also worth considering your instrument preferences before starting! If you listen to blues guitar chords and learn it quickly then you must have mastered how to apply the same principle that I am using below; otherwise, learn the chords and let us know how you get on.

So, what are the 5 most common mistakes by guitarists?

These five mistakes will certainly annoy your friends when they are going through your progress or talking to you about it, so it’s recommended that you avoid them and learn from the correct routes.

Mistake 1: Over-strumming

Most people get an exaggerated impression of being able to play chords while strumming, but this is not accurate. The first thing to learn is that no matter how hard you strum, you can’t do as much as you think; a strum can’t even reach half-way. When you strum, you hold a single note and when you hit it you release it again. You never actually release the notes that you sing; you just release a note and continue strumming. To play a chord with four notes (one for each of the notes in the chord) you can hold up to 3 strings, while two strings are free, so you only have the option of strumming 3 notes at a time. If you are having problems with strumming, then try playing soloing and play at a slower speed, such that you have more options and can do more notes per chord.

Mistake 2: Using the wrong fingering

You’ve heard people say that “If you’re playing it loud, it’s over-playing it”. What they don’t know is that it is actually the other way round. If you play something loudly it will make it sound faster while it will be quieter. As soon as the sound of your picking reaches high enough, your picking will slow down. You also cannot make that sound quieter by

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What chords should I learn first on guitar? – Easy Way To Learn Electric Guitar Chords
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