Is 17 too old to learn guitar? – Guitar Chords For Beginners Pdf

17-year-olds are eligible to register and start learning how to play and understand their instrument.

Find out about the process here.

Can I bring my young children to a course?

Yes, children up to 17 years are eligible to register for a Junior Guitar Instructor course. This is free for beginners and available at local libraries or schools throughout Queensland including: Brisbane, Brisbane North, Cairns, Campbelltown, Brisbane South, Cairns City, Cairns North, Cairns South, Gold Coast, Queensland, Maitland, Melbourne, Melbourne North, Melbourne South, Newcastle, Orange Grove, Orange Grove North and Brisbane Central.

Are teenagers who already have a Guitar Class registered allowed to register and start learning to play?

Yes, minors may register. Find out how to register here.

What age is too young to play the guitar?

The Junior Guitar Instructor Certificate program aims to be an excellent introduction to the guitar for all children of a certain age. You’ll start off with a beginner course that lasts 10-15 minutes and builds into a selfpaced journey with your instructor. To enrol in a Junior Guitar Instructor you must either:

be 19 years or older,

have a good memory or have read the introductory CD, or

be on the verge of learning the guitar!

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Is 17 too old to learn guitar? – Guitar Chords For Beginners Pdf
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