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The best advice I can give is “practice like you’re going to be playing for 40 years”. The good news is that in your current guitar journey there’s so many different scales and chord progressions that your learning curve will go by a million miles. That doesn’t mean your guitar will be stuck in one, but it might have a few songs stuck in a couple of songs. I’ll be honest it took me a while to get good enough to play some of the songs I have written these four or five years ago. I’m not saying you should follow a formula. I’m saying if you can’t come up with ideas you’ve been playing on your guitar, you can’t play guitar.
But back to that “practice like you’re going to be playing for 40 years” thing. It means you’ll have to be willing to slow down, stop trying new things, pick better songs, and get real comfortable in your instrument. And I think you’ll learn a lot more by doing all this than you already have! As I said earlier, you will learn more by doing less. I have more of the good stuff in me than I do by trying to play songs that I don’t have enough skills for. So when I’m practicing, I don’t even give it a second thought. I just go back to writing as best I can and hope they play well. I also make a point to go to every show I can, whether I’m on the road or not. This way I get to see the things people notice, and I get to ask the questions.
So let’s say you want to start playing guitar again. All of these tips will help, but what about being good at it?
If there was only one thing I would tell people and that is be patient at first. The things you have to get pretty good at will be much easier once you feel confident and you’re confident that other people will be getting their stuff together for you. This is what will get you to where you want to be. I learned what to do first, and I found out it wasn’t so simple next time.
There are two basic aspects I’d like you to get pretty good at. The first one is learning the basic chords in all of the common scales and the same chord progressions you’re used to in all of the scales. Then working on just the one scale most of the time. I use the scale chart in my website.
The other aspect I’d like you to get better at

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How long does it take to become good at guitar? – Youtube Learn Guitar Songs Wonderful Tonight Karaoke Free
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