Can anyone learn to play the guitar? – Learn To Play Guitar Free Lessons

Yes, you can learn to play the guitar. Not everyone gets into it because they feel that they need to play guitar. Others get the itch to “see what happens when a teenager tries to learn to play.”

It is the only time I have ever heard of something like that occurring. That’s not to say that they couldn’t get along with everyone, or that they should let everyone sit on a rock in the middle of the street. It’s just that I can’t understand people who tell me that there is no way that a kid could learn to play guitar. They claim that there is a huge difference between a musician and a “child.”

You might wonder what I mean in my reply.

I simply mean that the guitar is not a child. That being said, the guitar has the potential to be, not just a piece of equipment to be handled and abused, but something that has the potential to be mastered for all kinds of reasons. This is one way in which a child is still able to learn to “do” music.

It has always been the case that young artists tend to become obsessed with guitars and try their hardest to make it sound “real,” or at least sound like the kids around them. But what happens while everyone else is playing and singing?

Well, it makes sense that it would come as a surprise to a child that he is supposed to perform a song like “Love Story” by Buddy Holly. To understand the situation a little better, let’s break down why the young child would want to learn to play that song.

The first time that he heard it a few years ago, he was completely transfixed. He could not believe what he was hearing. As he learned its words, he would start to get the idea of what his guitar can do to “create” a melody. Just like how the song begins, he would be working on one thing. But, before he even begins, he would feel as if he was working on something different (like building a bridge). He would then notice that there was something different about the words. Something wasn’t as simple as he had hoped. He felt as if he already had control of something, but somehow there was a little more than he had planned. Suddenly, what had seemed to be a song with a straight forward melody and rhythm suddenly seemed to change into something that had an alternate chord structure in the middle of the song. He was taken aback by “something new.” The reason

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Can anyone learn to play the guitar? – Learn To Play Guitar Free Lessons
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