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Small and medium businesses receive these grants under either a corporate or individual basis.

Individual recipients can be any small business, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or sole owner.

Corporate recipients can be any business that engages in commerce under Section 4 of the Small Business Act. You can only receive these grants if you are a citizen, national, resident alien, or U.S. government employee. These grants offer you $150 for each eligible small business.

What does this program cover?

To qualify for this grant, you must have:

Be a U.S. citizen, national, or permanent resident;

Have a net worth of $500,000 or less; have an annual payroll exceeding $1 million; and have a business, including an enterprise or partnership, that’s located in the county(s) where you are eligible;

Do not engage in trade or business activity of more than 5 percent of total net sales; and

Income, assets, and expenses do not exceed $6,625.00 per year for a small business or $18,000.00 for a married couple filing jointly.

The Small Business Administration has made available grants to support the planning and creation of small businesses in Georgia.

How to apply

To apply, enter the information below.

Fill out the Request for Small Business Grant Application Form

After you have completed and submitted the form, a review panel will review your application. If approved, your grant application will be sent to you. If not, you will receive a status update to inform you that a decision is pending.

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Who qualifies for small business grants? – Charities That Help With Mortgage Payments
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