What kind of grants are there? – Government Grants Free For Women

The best way to learn how to do the most effective kinds of grants is to see a grant advisor at a large or small non-profit, or to check around on the internet.

How is the “top” grant process, the top 20 percent (or even 20 percent) of grant applications, different from a regular grant process? Are there some things that you can’t do with an established grantee?

It seems like in the top 20 percent a lot of folks just get to sit at home and complain to others as if that would lead to a larger grant – which doesn’t.

So the key is to approach the top 20 percent and figure out the grants you think you need and who you need them from.

Here are some ideas that I’ve heard in conversations since I got back to New School:

I’ve heard people say that they don’t do grants in a way that would get them new donors, or new opportunities, but that a lot of organizations just have a “need to do something.” Don’t be too much of a hater! The best way to see how hard the grant will be, is to just try it. If you can’t get any work done, go home and try something else.

Are there some things that you wouldn’t say out loud out loud?

You won’t ask for money from your non-profit friend to work on a project that you don’t want to do, like work on an organization that doesn’t represent your local community.

I’ve talked to people at the top-20 people in the non-profit world, about how they don’t do grants, but when they talk about other kinds of things they do, they tell us that they do a lot of work for things they wouldn’t do for a grant – so maybe that’s not a bad thing.

This seems to be a big theme with nonprofit friends. It’s usually “my local charity” or “the local organization” that makes it possible as friends that we’ll work for the same thing.

I think we should be more open to the ideas of people that may be in our own communities that may need this kind of thing. It’s not that they won’t benefit from a grant, it’s that the grant has to give them something they’re not seeking.

When you talk about your favorite non-profits, where do you get the “best” ones to work on something for you?


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What kind of grants are there? – Government Grants Free For Women
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