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In recent years the Government has changed the funding structure for several research and development centres which had been established under the previous regime, and has removed the need to secure funding prior to research activity.

Since April 2015 the Government has provided money to organisations and to research and innovation communities directly or through a competitive process.

How much money is being spent on the grants scheme?

In 2016-17 we have provided €1.7 billion, or 27 per cent of its funding, to research and innovation communities through a competitive process.

That has represented a 13 per cent increase on the year before 2015. A total of €20.9 billion has been provided since 2013-14.

The overall amount provided through the competitive process was £32.8 billion, representing an average of €1.3 million every day, up €13.6 million a day.

In 2016-17 research and innovation communities received €1.6 billion from Government.

How can I find out how to apply?

The Government publishes its competitive package to support innovative research in England each year.

Use our online application form in the “Apply for research proposals” section of the main website.

How to apply for awards

You can find more details about how to apply for research awards and funding through the main Research and Innovation Services website.

What are the qualifications I must meet to get a grant?

The Government has published guidance for funding applications.

It outlines a number of criteria that applicants should meet, in addition to meeting statutory tests, for the purpose of receiving funding from the Government.

In recent years it has taken the action of increasing the number of academic qualifications that can be used to assess what the quality of grant applications and awards actually show.

This means that you will receive a grant from the European Research Council or the National Lottery Fund even if you have not met the minimum qualification requirements set out in the guidance.

What do I need to find out about the grants and awards that have been provided?

For the latest grants that have been funded in the last 5 years, see the ‘Current funding’ section of the Government website at: www.gov.uk/funding.

All grants and awards are managed through the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI), the UK’s Department of Science and Innovation.

Free Government Grant Applications - more about gov grants ...
If you would like to see a more detailed breakdown of every grant available, visit the DSI

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What are the most common types of grants? – Government Grants Free Dental Work
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