What are the 3 types of grants? – Small Business Grants Covid-19

We’re trying to give you more information about all forms grants. Here’s what the different types of grants look like:

How to Apply for a Government Small Business Grant: 11 Steps
State-funded grants: grant agencies pay the state of a community-based service provider that they administer for the benefit of local residents. These grants are made through a formula, including any percentage of the grant that goes to local providers, but the formula is often tweaked periodically to keep it affordable.

Grant Agency Grants: these are based on the cost-effective ratio of cost-sharing and cost-per-service per resident, and are for the benefit of the general public—you pay the grant for all the costs you expect to incur from your program, but there’s no financial cap on how much you could spend on your projects. State-funded services are most often funded with a grant, but other types of services could be funded either directly or through contracts with providers.

Project-based grants: you pay your grants to local providers. The state sets a target to meet, and in cases where the service is not required to work for you, the state will compensate you instead. This is sometimes called an indirect grant or an independent fund. For more about these types of grants, see a recent article from the Community Foundation for Southeast Louisiana.

Community-based grant programs often have a limit on the amount of money that a state can spend on each community-based grant. For the state to support a community-based grant program, the Department of Human Service (DHS) or local program must agree to not spend more than 45% of the state’s annual budget to support it.

How do I decide whether a grant’s value is worth it?

To decide if a grant is worth your money, you’ll first need to get an idea about what you’re after – and the benefits to you, your community, and other people on the receiving end of the grant.

The benefits of the grant may have little to do with what happens to you, or with what you can actually do with the grant. For instance, an agency might have been founded specifically to reduce rates to residents on Medicaid. But it may also be intended to create or maintain a community that includes disabled residents. If you think this is true, maybe it’s worth the money to you, even if it saves on your health insurance premiums.

For the same reasons that other types of grants are worth it, the value of a local grant may be more tied to what you can

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What are the 3 types of grants? – Small Business Grants Covid-19
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