How do you qualify for a business grant? – Federal Government Grants Department Scam

Business grants are granted to individuals on the basis of their business, experience, and the need of their locality for their services. The criteria for the grant, and the conditions and requirements attached to the grant are laid out in the National Business Grant Programme (NBPG).

The grants are given on the basis of a number of criteria and can be of many types, including fixed fees, free consultancy or training, grants to start up a company, scholarships, grants to increase workforce skills and funding towards the further training or further development of those who hold the certificate (registry and accreditation).

How much will the business grant money used in my area be and how much interest will I get back in my local bank?

The business grant funds are used to purchase professional equipment.

The total volume of the grant over the year will depend on factors such as employment, industry, and sector, but the principal funding is used for procurement and production costs.

The amount of interest will depend on the amount of grant being received and the amount of capital spent with local banks and money lenders.

The principal lending rate in your region will be the interest rate in the local currency where applicable.

For the following, the principal money will be paid to a central credit facility. At the time of the grant we will need your details, for example:

Your address

Your address, a photo, your name, the street where we can get it from You will be able to access this information during the grant period so you will be able to receive notices if additional money is needed or if we need more money. If we need assistance from the central credit facility, then you will be sent a special letter as specified in the grant.

How will I know if I won?

You will receive a notice in January (subject to the terms and conditions which you agree to) when you have been granted a grant. If you are a new grantee, we may also have a letter detailing what the grant is all about. To find out more about grants you may be able to apply for, you can call 0131 495 079 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm).

Can I stay on the grant to pay the grant?

Not applicable. As grants have an interest rate of 11% from the start of the year to the end, only the business grant will be paid, and there is no guarantee that the loan will be repaid.


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How do you qualify for a business grant? – Federal Government Grants Department Scam
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