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If you have a dependent adult, you may qualify for Child Care Credit for your own care. You may also qualify if you are in a foster family or are eligible for Medicaid.

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For the first time in a long while, the Chicago Cubs don’t have an open roster spot this offseason. If that doesn’t freak you out a little bit, think about all the moves they made recently to keep themselves competitive in the NL Central.

With the team in the middle of one of the worst seasons in recent baseball history, the Cubs spent two weeks shopping their young big league stars in hopes of finding a diamond in the rough. By making three consecutive trades with the Dodgers, the Cubs will be one of the most sought-after trade targets in baseball.

The latest rumor is that the Cubs are “working” on a deal with San Diego to acquire infielder Matt Kemp in a deal with the Dodgers in order to bolster their middle infield. Kemp and his agent are reportedly close to a deal, but both sides have a few issues.

The first is that the Dodgers already have two of their high-end young players (Kelby Tomlinson and C.C. Sabathia) signed through 2016, making any deal even tougher to make. Kemp also hit better in the second half of the 2012 season (47% K in 2012, 58% K in 2013) than in the first half (43% K in 2012, 62% K in 2013).

Still, if the Cubs are going to trade for a player like Kemp, they will have to look beyond just the current roster and the top prospects the Dodgers already have.

If the Cubs are trading for Kemp, they would have to make a major change in their lineup. Their main options in the outfield are Kyle Schwarber and Addison Russell. Schwarber is the better player and would likely bring more value in the trade, but Russell has been more consistent and has more power, which is what the Cubs crave in their bench.

If the Cubs want to give their starting pitcher more room to pitch, they would add one or both of Jason Hammel or Jake Arrieta. Hammel has one more year on his contract than Arrieta, for those keeping track at home.

The Cubs also have to find a new starting pitcher to replace the departed Jordan Walden. He’s still on the team and would be a good fit, especially considering the Cubs currently have three established starting

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Do I qualify for financial assistance? – Ggf Program
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