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The FBI released files Friday shedding new insight into how the CIA worked for years to use malware to attack a U.S. company.

According to documents obtained by WikiLeaks the CIA was in regular contact with a top U.S. company on how to subvert the security tools that protected them.

The documents reveal that the CIA worked on ways to implant backdoors in computer systems without the knowledge of the companies themselves. Those systems were then exploited to target computers within company networks.

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The CIA is one of the agencies whose activities have been revealed recently in the leak by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.

The details in the documents are only available to the companies that asked for them.

“We are not going to comment on details of CIA’s cyber operations,” an agency spokesperson told RT. “However, we recognize the importance of protecting information that helps protect the American people.”

The documents released on Friday show the extent to which U.S. officials were able to subvert computer systems at a company they wished to manipulate.

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One such example in the documents, found in a file named CIDE-0404, shows a CIA-approved spyware program to attack “Microsoft Office” that has only five lines of code.

Other examples in the files, found in a file named CIDE-0010, show how software used to protect computer systems was compromised by the CIA-linked hackers who were later discovered to be Russian.

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“The CIA was able to infect systems using this tool without ever knowing they did so,” the authors of the report write in their conclusion.

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The documents show that several companies worked with CIA’s cyber operations over the last 12 years to develop malicious software that could attack corporate systems. The same company

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Why did flappers Rouge their knees? – Fancy Dress Milano
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