How did the flapper changed women’s roles? – Black Flapper Dress For Children

The flapper’s body was so voluminous, especially in the earlier parts of her life because the flapper kept working with a wide-open back and her dress was very loose. The loose-fitting dress of the early part of her life gave an excellent view of the curvature of the back, and women who worked in such a manner were able to better admire the man on screen, the back looked longer than it actually did! This caused more sex in the cinema. 
Did the flapper cause a revolution in the way women dressed then? 
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The flapper’s success led to many changes in female dress. 
For example, at the beginning of her life in the mid 20th century we had the first women’s wear shop in the U.S. to have a mirror. 
This mirrors became very important in the 1920s in helping to change the way women dressed. 
As the 1920s started and the flapper’s reign ended women began to wear pants.
Also, this movement towards a more comfortable fit was spurred when the men at the time, the factory workers, became concerned with the weight of their pants. They knew that the flapper was becoming a fashion icon, but they were not able to convince the employers that it was necessary. 
The new and elegant pants had the help of the women’s and feminine clothing companies at the very time the flapper was about to leave the scene. The pant was much thicker and had much higher waists. While some women wore the pant, there were some who did not. This was because the modern women’s pant could not be made without the assistance of heavy and expensive machine. This lead to the rise in popularity of the new and more comfortable pants. 
The woman wore the pants and felt they were more comfortable. It was the same for other women around the world. 
Did the flapper’s role in the 1960’s have an impact on how women dress today?
The fashions of the day had come about because of the flapper’s influence. 
The 1960s also brought a resurgence of interest in the feminist movement. 
The movement, which originated in the U.S. during the 1960s, was concerned with changing American society through changes in sex roles. It began by protesting the Vietnam War and the sexual rights abuses of American soldiers in war. These activists wanted women to have equal rights to men, no longer had to obey and fight under such a burden. Also

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How did the flapper changed women’s roles? – Black Flapper Dress For Children
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