How did the flapper changed women’s roles? – Long Black Flapper 1920’S Dress

We’ve seen the flapper’s role change from a woman wearing trousers and a blouse – and her role change within families – to a part-time, full-time mother, daughter and granddaughter. With the move to the part-time position, women are no longer part of the workforce, and become dependent on men. And, in particular, young women, who are often in care without jobs while fathers or grandparents take caregiving responsibilities.

Why is the ‘working mother’ role devalued?

The working mother is part of the family, so it’s a role that women, and particularly younger women, have not traditionally been given. So, now, when you have a new job, you don’t want to work full-time – you’re just going to be employed as a ‘mom’. But the ‘working mother’ role has really devalued the women in their working lives. We are seeing this change with younger men too.

How does it work in the US?

The role of the working mother in the United States differs from country-to-country. The US has been a strong supporter of women in the labour market, even in low-paid positions. For example, in New York state the pay gap between men and women is around 20%, meaning women are paid about 25% less compared to a man for the same job. In America, working mothers can get help and advice from organisations such as the National Partnership for Women & Families (NPWF), and they are also not necessarily considered to be ‘real’ women. So in the eyes of the law, these women are not a part of the family as the working parent. Instead, as a working parent they are considered to be ‘on call’, and therefore not part of your family.
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Can this affect child custody issues?

It certainly can, when it comes to child custody in the United States. There is a belief in some quarters, that as women transition into the working-parent role and begin to take on more responsibilities, it creates problems for them. For example in the UK there is a legal definition of motherhood as the ‘part time and full time’ position, but in our view that is not right. This is because mothers do things outside the marriage, such as work a job at the same time as the child. We think that this can be harmful to children in order for father to share in their father’s responsibilities outside of the family, and also to the father’s ability

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How did the flapper changed women’s roles? – Long Black Flapper 1920’S Dress
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