Why is it called a flapper dress? – Flapper Dresses For Sale Melbourne

This name for a dress says it all. The flapper dress is a fun dress for young women that is a bit out there. The style comes from the late 1960s. It is most associated with a look created by British fashion designer Yoko Ono. It was intended to have a lot of fun and dance around the house. This makes it a good dress to wear when getting hit on in a bar or at a bar. The flapper dress is more practical for work, and also looks great while you are running. Women wearing them also wear them like flats, a style that has a flat heel and no toe box. This is a great fashion for any age range. The design is very original and fun. The flapper dress is the latest, most original and fun, trend that you will see.

An anti-government protester waves a Venezuelan flag during a peaceful march through Plaza Altamira in Caracas on April 26. The protest, led by activists who have become accustomed to protests with violent results, drew more than 60,000 people on Friday when demonstrators tried to oust President Nicolas Maduro at the presidential palace. (Yorgos Karahalis/REUTERS)

Anti-government protesters and riot police battled over the government’s ouster of Nicolas Maduro in Caracas, the latest in a series of military coups sweeping the Latin America nation in recent years, authorities said on Saturday.

At least 10 people were wounded in clashes which erupted as protesters tried to overthrow Maduro’s government with street demonstrations in the capital, prompting riot police to use water cannons on the crowd attempting to push on to a government building.

At least five of the injured protesters were in critical condition, according to hospital officials.

[Whoops! Thousands of Venezuelans storm Venezuela’s embassy]

The protests broke out in Caracas and other parts of Venezuela early Saturday as opposition supporters were set to be expelled from the government-run National Assembly, home to the country’s president, in an attempt by opposition legislators to block a referendum to recall Maduro.

The country’s attorney general, who leads anti-government forces, later announced the ouster of Maduro.

“We have declared you as enemy combatants so that you cannot occupy the government buildings,” said an audio posted on Venezuelan broadcaster Doña Margarita, according to The Washington Post. “So if the president is not happy if you have an illegal demonstration, you can expect a lot of violence.”

[Protest in Venezuela turns violent

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Why is it called a flapper dress? – Flapper Dresses For Sale Melbourne
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