Did flappers have jobs? – 1920 Vintage Flapper Dresses

If you had the time to pursue the careers that they did, would you be doing what they are doing?

Yes, but probably not in the way they did. Not only would the careers have gone the way they did if they had the time, the careers would have been even better. They would have pursued things that did not involve their jobs.

It seems that what people like George Bush got is not what they wanted, but what they didn’t. How can it be that people can do all this while taking their children out, leaving their homes, and traveling around? That strikes me as quite strange to me, but it’s true.

My guess is that George W was influenced, at least in the beginning, by the business of making money out of others. If you think about it, he was probably the only young person ever out of school that was exposed to business. He had an opportunity to go to college, and he did just that in Florida, as did about 60 percent of the people that were going to college a century ago. But he was in a little class of people that had gotten jobs working for the other people that were just getting rich with the “real thing”. I feel that his whole idea about getting rich was not very much about making money on his own.

What’s your theory of George W’s life?

I would say that he never really cared about anything. He was kind of a jerk, but not very funny. Maybe that’s where his father came in. He was a guy who had a tendency of being a jerk, but I can’t think of anybody in our society who has a tendency of being a jerk in that way, and nobody has the disposition and the background that George did. He was an individual who was kind of like us without knowing us very intimately.

But he would not have been George Bush if it weren’t for the money that was involved. It is an interesting question exactly why his father would give George the money. I would guess that he got it as a reward to let George off the hook that was a little excessive with him.

The next question is:

Can you explain to an outsider what George W is like? Is he a loner, like Jerry Brown is?

Let’s take a look at another question, which is:

Would you ever consider running for office?

I would say that if I ever had the chance to run for election, I would

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Did flappers have jobs? – 1920 Vintage Flapper Dresses
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