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Maybe not, but they did take part in the war effort, were paid for it, and were entitled to an award for it. They did serve in the military and their military pay was higher than that of other sailors, who earned their own. This is a problem when you have the highest military pay in the military, and the lowest enlisted pay of any other group (that isn’t called “Navy” or “Air Force” or “Marine”). Many of the flappers also took advantage of the opportunity, starting at a young age, to learn how to pilot a plane, get a job with one of the large aviation contractors, earn a couple hundred thousand dollars a year, and maybe own a pilot’s license. This was considered “the American dream” in those days. Now, all of these positions are filled only by older generations, and many older people no longer participate in the service.

Some of the flappers became so wealthy that they could support themselves through investment, and other times it wasn’t, and they made a living by selling flannels, greeting cards, and other items. Some of the flappers who worked in the service did so because they were encouraged by the commanders to do so. I know a man who was in the Navy for nearly two decades and he did everything on the job, even though most of his duties required him to be away from his wife and kids.

In any case, the flappers did not want “special treatment,” either because of age or because they did not belong to a group that was required to serve. The war had to be fought in their hometowns, and there was no need for one group to be allowed to be better-paid than another, simply because they were different.

If the flappers are still alive today, what are their views of the present and future American wars? Were they wrong, or were they just wrong? Do most of them still feel that wars are justified? Are they right to be mad at the flappers for their views? Or should they be happy, and think that the flappers are right?

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Did flappers have jobs? – Flapper Dress Costume Pink
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