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The city is facing backlash after proposing a new parking restriction at its flagship location.

The City of Saskatoon has created a new parking restriction on Yonge Street between Elmwood Park Road and Woodbine Drive (near the University of Saskatchewan). The new stipulations will require parking to be available on all sides of the intersection.

On one side the new restrictions will extend south along Yonge to Woodbine Drive, but this new area will not be directly within the Yonge side of the intersection or a parking lane.

However, on the other side the restrictions will extend east along Yonge down to Elmwood Park Road. This will extend the parking restrictions further east than the ones placed east of Woodbine Drive in the past.

The first restriction will only apply to new construction or alterations to a property on Yonge Street. This restriction will also take effect July 1, 2016.

According to the city, the new restrictions will help to promote a healthy traffic flow for residents and motorists.

The rules will stay in effect until June 30, with the exceptions noted above.

However, the city stated they are not opposed to the parking restrictions if they are part of street-parking master plans.

“We understand the potential issues that may arise from such a prohibition as we are working closely with the City of Regina on a plan to alleviate traffic conflicts at the existing Yonge Street intersection,” said Peter Haug, Deputy City Manager.

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“For a long time, I was afraid that I’d die alone,” says Gwen.

“I used to believe that we could just go on living,” explains James. “But the problem was that if we did we’d just go on living and dying alone, it wouldn’t be a happy death. People who are married to each other are really happy. They take time off from work, they go on holiday.”

“I used to imagine that I’d still be alive when the next life arrived,” adds Gwen.

It has been six years since Gwen and James married and since that day I’ve come to realise how important this issue is to them. It was an important reminder to be present if life seems impossible, to love when it feels like you’re meant to be apart. If you have a life partner, it’s important you love them with all your heart and that’s why it can be difficult

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What’s trending in crafts? – Woodworking Business At Home
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