What skills do you need to be a woodworker? – Good Names For A Woodworking Business

How much cash will you need to buy the materials you need? Will you have to be physically present to make your work? And will you need special tools?

“We really have no idea,” said Robert Heitkamp, chair of the department of woodworking.

In some cases, woodworking school can be the fastest way to gain a job. Heitkamp said the fastest way is using the online college application service, CareerBuilder.com. For example, with online help, Robert Heitkamp said he’s been able to get a job at a local furniture retailer he’s worked for for more than 10 years.

What about the risk? The biggest hurdle to becoming a woodworker is a lack of knowledge. In many cases, teachers, or instructors, don’t know enough to teach you the tools used in the trade. If you don’t have many tools, you’ll need to have some to start. You do want to be aware that your work will need to be pretty solid to stand out in a crowd, said Gary Bohnen, assistant professor for woodworking at Western Connecticut State University. In that sense, you are likely to find yourself in a smaller group with lower status.

A second hurdle to Woodworker 101 is time. A lot depends on how long you want to spend to graduate, how well you can get along with your instructors and how serious you want to make your new profession.

With any new career, it’s best “to start small and get good and gain experience,” said Bohnen. He suggested going to a woodworking trade school, especially if you don’t know what you’re good at yet, and trying out a few basic jobs.

If time is tight, the online service CanvasPath has many helpful resources for anyone looking to get started with a career in the wood industry. For example, it offers a degree in woodworking from a four-year college or technical school. The service also teaches free online courses on the basics of woodworking from a variety of colleges and universities.

You can search the service’s directory for students interested in doing woodworking as a career, then take the online online course and start applying immediately, said Robert Sheets, general manager, CanvasPath.org. But he cautioned that there will always be some students who won’t be prepared for a serious career.

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What skills do you need to be a woodworker? – Good Names For A Woodworking Business
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