What should I build and sell? – Most Profitable Woodworking

Bulk orders, small volume, etc.

Buy: 0.25% or 5% of your trade volume

Sell: 5% or 1% of your trade volume

In most cases, if you’re buying a certain amount of a particular crypto, you’ll want to make the bulk order, then sell the rest as it’s a small volume amount.

What should I call my website or app?

Sell: Your name, company, etc.

Buy: Your website or app name

Why do I have to use PayPal?

Sell: You need to use a credit card, and make sure to enter your own secret code for the final payment.

Buy: For purchasing crypto goods via credit or debit, you’ll need to have a bank account and a debit or credit card.

Why do I have to wait for my purchase?

Sell: You don’t have time, so just wait to receive your order when you get it

Buy: I’ll get to your order in a few days, so I’ll want to get hold of it as soon as possible

How much BTC should I have on me?

You’ll need to use an exchange where they allow you to hold an BTC and can track your balance: e.g. Bittrex or Binance
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Sell $50 to $100: 10,000 coins

Sell $100 to $200: 7,500 coins

Sell over $200 $10,000: 25,000 coins

Sell over $200 $50,000: 50,000 coins

Sell above $600 $100,000: 150,000 coins

How will I get paid?

Sell: You send me the BTC to make the purchase and your balance is paid immediately

Buy: You’ll pay my bank account with crypto from your bank account

Why is a deposit or withdrawal fee required?

Sell: You deposit BTC into my account for the purchase and my bank account will be charged a small fee

Buy: My bank account will be charged BTC withdrawal fee.

A big caveat: it’s possible some buyers will send you funds they don’t have or don’t wish to send

It’ll be cheaper, you won’t get charged, but if a buyer sends you BTC you’ve already bought for them, then I’ll get charged for your trade.

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What should I build and sell? – Most Profitable Woodworking
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