What should I build and sell? – Carpentry Business Near Me Donation

Here’s a small list of what you need to keep your home and business running smoothly and profitable in our ever-evolving world.


For any ideas, ask for your neighbors’ ideas, your friends’ suggestions, and any advice from other business owners (if you find someone who has ideas too, don’t hesitate to share!)

In a couple of months, you’ll either have a site up or plan to have one. You need a plan. Not a lot goes into a good product—as long as you can come up with a clear purpose, a clear idea of an ideal customer, and be transparent about the value of your service, a site can be as simple as this: You’re selling stuff.

It’s never too late.

How to build one? Ask for ideas from all corners of the web. You’ll be surprised how much is already out there!

Get a free site for yourself, one that works. Get it up today—we have a whole list of the best products, services, and ideas!

Selling Websites

You can sell your work. You can sell your services. You can even sell your ideas. If you’re using any of the software we’ve featured in this roundup, you may already be selling them. Here are a few other places and programs we think of as potential sales pitches.


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There are a ton of sites out there for selling things and selling services—see the one that got us started, and check out the ones that are listed below. Most of them have other features and add-ons (many of these sites are paid services) and sometimes there are also a few extra “exclusives” in there. But these sites really are unique, and many of them are well worth looking into! We love both Etsy and WordPress—they both have built-in payment processing and shipping options. You can also find us here on this helpful page that goes into more detail and provides other great resources for how to sell and use these sites.

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What should I build and sell? – Carpentry Business Near Me Donation
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