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If we could choose, which skills (of all the skills) would make the biggest difference in our lives and in the lives of our family and/or friends? If we could have a list of the five worst jobs we could possibly have? There would be no question as to the answer.

What is the worst profession you could be in?

Is it the profession that scares you the most?

What skills are your going to need to get a job?

Can you handle working with money for a long time?

If you would go camping, what kind of gear should you bring?

What is the first day of the new year like? How do you like it in your dream job?
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It is very difficult to get the right answers to these kinds of questions, but these are the three most common questions I get asked during interviews.

The problem with answers like these is you could be surprised by the answers given. For example, my father always said that money is best made by those without it. As hard-working as he might have been, he seemed to be unaware of how much of an impact money had on his life.

So I thought it would be interesting to see whether his thoughts would have influenced how I handled earning a six-figure salary.

I am not a career expert, but I am curious to see how he would change our lives.

And as you would expect, his answers were different. This is one of those “I don’t know” questions.

To test out this, I collected my father’s answers online. I started with his responses to the six most common questions that are asked about working with money and then I took those answers and translated them into English.

Here are the responses that my father thought were worst, compared to other people:


I don’t know. I don’t want to discuss that with anyone.

If I can make $200,000 I don’t need anything else.


I have $100,000 in the bank. No problem.

Most people say that $200,000 is a very high goal.


I never go camping. I am always working.

I always have a plan and I make sure everything goes together.

I keep my head down and don’t show my emotions.

I like having money. I have more freedom.

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What is the best craft to make money? – Woodworking Company Name Ideas
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