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Here are some of the best craft breweries in the area right now:


With 20 years of experience in the industry, Budweiser has grown up with its craft roots and has become a very popular brand in the market since its inception. The beer is also enjoyed by a huge international audience, where it has been used as a soft drink and is widely available as a bottled drink throughout the world today.

Craft beer is growing tremendously rapidly at the moment. There are breweries that are producing beers at full volume that are just about as delicious as the ones sold at a brewery. And with each new brewery opening it gets easier and more affordable to produce your own craft beer.


Also known for its great flavor, tequila is also considered as a very popular alcoholic beverage throughout Latin America. The beverage has become a popular drink for both men and women in the country, so there is also a lot of women fans of the tequila beverage.

Craft beer is becoming more and more popular in terms of consumption, especially in Brazil. There are many local breweries that are producing the best beer, as they enjoy a great reputation for being able to produce the best beer as well.

Pisco Sour

Pisco is an alcoholic beverage made from pisco vine, a tropical fruit which is grown in the Dominican Republic. The beverage is a drink that is popular in Dominican Republic as well as many other countries such as Argentina, South Africa and Uruguay.

It is a classic beer that is a great substitute for beer and many craft breweries in the region are now turning it into an alternative beer.

Cherry Beer

A very popular drink in the Philippines, Cherry beer is made from cherry tree juice. The beverage is a great drink that enjoys a great reputation among the locals and is a popular drink for many of the local Filipinos.

Craft beer is one of the latest products which are being created in the Philippines, as the local brewery is known for its great beer.

Beer Made Fresh By Hand Beer Making by hand is extremely labor intensive and requires the hand of a brewer who specializes in this craft. To make beer by hand you will need to brew several batches at a time and then transfer the beers to an air tight container, which then must be refrigerated until it can serve.

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What crafts are trending in 2020? – Carpentry Business Logo Ideas
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