What can I build at home to sell? – How To Start A Woodworking Business From Home

We will do a limited number of individual orders over time, but we don’t want to overstock. If you would like to order 100 units in one weekend, that’s fine, we’ll do 50-50 split among you. If you are interested in building or selling a building, we’ll help you start from scratch.

Can I build a custom model to show off?

Absolutely. As long as it isn’t for sale, you are free to create something new and custom. No matter which building you want, all the parts will be for sale in one place for the entire building project.

By now you’ve probably seen the clip where the young lady who won the 2016 Republican primary for Virginia’s House of Delegates walked over in the arena screaming about what a good job she did on her job as a public servant, and what “good people” had just won the US election.

It was a bizarre thing she said, though, and what it shows when put together with the video below is the degree to which there really was absolutely no reason for her to go there.

Not one reason for the woman to be that mad, though:

I understand what her motivation might have been, and I understand she might have believed it had some good to say about the process, but the whole thing does not add up to anything.

And then she makes a completely stupid mistake, and gets even shadier about it in the next, “more important” video:

What she did not make up (or choose to ignore) is that she was upset that Republicans didn’t win control of one or more branches of government, and that all the things she voted for, on healthcare, for her state, she thought might get those things done.

She didn’t come to the House of Delegates expecting to win, or even to lose, an election. And in fact she thought the Republicans were taking the wrong route and had a better path to victory:
Vintage Rustic Tools Carpenter Handyman Woodworker ...

In fact, she thought they might have a better path to win a majority of seats in both chambers and a majority of the seats. To that end, she cast the only vote that counted because even if she lost the race, she didn’t plan on being a “good person” for one month. She had every intention of losing the race to Republican candidate Robert Marshall.

This, then, was clearly her choice of action after getting the shock of her life and career thrown back in her face

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What can I build at home to sell? – How To Start A Woodworking Business From Home
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