How much do custom woodworkers make? – Starting A Woodworking Business Podcast

The answer is a lot! If you’ve already read the last section—how much do woodworkers really make?—that still leaves a lot of options to fill out your workshop furniture portfolio.

For example, many people have large, beautiful cabinets. Or you might have a small woodworking shop and want to expand your skills. Or you might need a larger space for storage or a place for some of your small-scale hobby projects.

Below are 15 ways to add more woodworking skills to your workshop and save time and money.

1. Use a router.

Most shops have a couple of pieces of wood that come out of the box, but you’ll need to buy one of those. The good news is that the routers are easy to use, with one of the most intuitive and customizable ways to use them.

Most routers come with a special handle for a quick grab and go, which is essential for fast access to parts on both sides. You could also use a simple router table, but that’s time consuming and more costly than buying a router.

You can use a router for quick projects like sawing wood, but your furniture may not have the precision required for something like a cabinet. That’s where a router can help you make a significant difference.

2. Build your own router table.

The simplest router is basically your workbench: you just attach a router to you workbench and use it by hand to pick up wood. An alternative would be to buy a router stand like this one, but that makes you a bit of a gadget hound.

The one in the picture works perfectly, as long as you’re in control and willing to follow a few simple directions.

3. Have furniture made of salvaged wood.

Many salvaged pieces of wood can look great (like the one on the left) or they can have an aged finish depending on the type of wood. In either case, they still represent thousands of hours of labor and time that could have been used to invest in tools and supplies.

Fortunately, a bit of salvage could allow you to save even more of your own time if you really wanted to. When you’re done with a piece, you need to buy an inexpensive spacer to glue the wood underneath, and that can be done for nothing and free.

4. Build your own work bench.

Building your own is also an excellent way to start your woodworking skills. And

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How much do custom woodworkers make? – Starting A Woodworking Business Podcast
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