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  The average woodworker takes from seven to eight years to gain the skills necessary to build tools and systems for the construction trades.  In addition, there is a certain degree of specialized skills required to become a skilled woodworker, and that requires a lot of years of experience. (For example, a skilled hand carpenter must’ve been hand carpentered between 10 and 30 years before they can become a skilled woodcarver.) What are some of the benefits of woodwork?  Wood is incredibly strong and versatile.  It does not take much, if any, work to apply these qualities to the building of a home.  It can be used to build anything from portable chairs to the homes from which people will be forced to flee later this century.  All of the wood we use every day uses up huge amounts of energy in building its final product. If there’s anything we love we are the woodworkers and craftsmen.  It seems to be no surprise that our favorite hobbyists and craftsman were the inventors and first builders of almost everything and anyone we have come to see as “important”. They were the very first architects and builders, we find them buried in the history book to the extent that they are almost not even recognized.  Most of their buildings and structures have been completely rebuilt at least twice so far with very little to no damage done by the destruction of many of these structures that the buildings were built on. The most common building in the whole of human history is the barn. For thousands of years this building has continued to be used for housing, housing for work, and as a residence.  What we would love and need is a living example to give the idea of what it might look like if all the buildings we are used to built in our homes were to be made of wood.  Imagine the possibilities. Why do we always call one thing “wood”?  I don’t know the origin but we do call them wood, wood, wood, wood, and sometimes wood.  I remember my grandmother telling me that the first word she learned to call it was a different one.  So, wood.

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How long does it take to learn woodworking? – Woodworking Market
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