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I have never charged for my wood items unless you buy them. My work is handmade. I try to offer a fair price for all my wood items. At times I have had buyers who pay for items and then they say ‘no thank you’. It was their mistake. I offer discounts on every piece so that they will get their money on the piece. My work is a work of art and I have a price for it.

On January 26, 2014, I woke up in New Orleans, Louisiana, to the sound of gunfire. The next day, I was in a parking garage at John Jay High School, where I am a student.

John Jay High School is a historically black prep school, built in 1930. John Jay is one of the oldest high schools in the New Orleans area – the only one – with more than 100,000 students. It is also the oldest high school to have a black student body.

John Jay is one of about 20 New Orleans schools that have come under fire for racially charged incidents in the wake of Michael Brown’s recent death on August 9:

The school has been labeled a hotbed of racism by student and parent demonstrations.

“The school seems like it is an outlier,” said a John Jay parent who went by the moniker of Black Panther and was active on social media.

But the high school has not been immune to protest: in February 2012, the University of New Orleans, which owns the school, announced the firing of a New Orleans police officer (and later retired) because of a YouTube video that appeared to show him beating two men. The video went viral and generated national attention. (Here is an account of police accountability on YouTube, and an explanation by The Washington Post’s Greg Jaffe of how the video was misjudged. And here is a detailed account of the case by the Post as well.)

“In no way should John Jay be accused of being racist for what happened to Officer Anthony Hilden” when he was fired by UO, the university said in its official statement.

And in 2015, the City Council of New Orleans adopted a series of ordinances that expanded protections for the city’s most marginalized groups, including black and brown people. Among the measures were some amendments to allow the police chief to fire or demote an officer.

Still others, like the law prohibiting racial profiling, were intended to enhance the police’s credibility: they did, indeed, deter some profiling by officers.

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How do you price homemade wood items? – Home Based Carpentry Business
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