How do you price homemade furniture? – Woodworking Business Advice

It is difficult to do without an estimate of the labor needed. An estimation is required even if the cost of manufacturing is small. If the size of the piece increases, or it would be more labor intensive to make, you will have to calculate the additional cost of the piece. But if a simple square piece of wood takes longer to cut or a wall of wood takes longer to drill, the cost may not be clear. Your best guide is to find out how easy it is to make a particular piece. If you are very precise about the size of your piece or how to cut it without drilling, you’ll probably find a price within a few dollars over retail. However, there are times when a simple square piece of wood is a good, reliable, and reasonably priced product for the labor involved.

How did you price the furniture?

In general, the price of a piece of furniture is determined by how long it will take to produce it at a particular factory. For the purposes of our project, we estimated the time it would take to make a wall of a 5-foot square piece of wood at an average factory cost of $1.30 per sq. ft. and found it to be $9.69. Using these values, we were left with $11.98 for our estimate. We paid $14.95 for shipping for a 5-foot square piece of wood, using a $1.25/sq. ft. cost per square foot rate for shipping. Our estimate of the factory cost was about $10.50 per square foot, and the shipping cost was about $12.20 per unit.

The furniture will need to be sold to people with whom you have a personal relationship. If you use the “shopping cart” method of purchasing a piece of the furniture, or a store’s “store” where you can arrange to have your furniture shipped to your home, you may find that some furniture (say for a small space in your living room) will run you less than $10 per square foot.

What kind of furniture does the furniture resemble?

For the sake of consistency and simplicity, this project will not be based solely on furniture from a home design. If you have a personal preference for a particular color scheme, design, or style, that may be reflected in the furniture pieces you buy.

What is the wood color?

Most of the furniture pieces you buy will be wood, plywood, fiberboard, or even plastic

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How do you price homemade furniture? – Woodworking Business Advice
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