How do you carve a wood sign by hand? – Carpentry Business Card Ideas

Barken has carved wood sign by hand on all the woodwork for his store, including the walls and floor of his home.

In a video of the process with Barken, he says, “When I do my wood work I don’t cut the wood up, I don’t carve the wood up, I just carve it up.”

Barken says, “There’s not too many people out here and I like that. … I don’t have any trouble with it, I don’t have any problems with it.”

But it costs a $10,000 deposit, plus another $10,000 fee to have a tree cut.

A friend of Barken’s says her family used to spend more than $2,000 a year for cuts on their property. Barken says his father cut out 1,100 trees. But then the state put limits on how many he could cut without a permit. Barken says his father used to cut trees by hand but now he can cut up to 6,000 trees in one season by buying a power saw.

“One year I did 2,300 trees — I had to buy something like a $300 power saw,” Barken says. “The next year I did 8,000 trees.”

He says the big challenge for him is carving the wood. “I’m used to putting together my own sign on a machine and it all comes out the same.”

So, how do you make it look natural in a place where there’s nothing natural around?

“We’re going for the natural look of it,” Barken says. “Not only has it got to look natural but it also has to look real.”

Barken believes that it looks like the sign could have been carved in a wood shop. He says some stores in the Northwest cut the wood into the shape they want it to be but he says Barken’s store had the freedom to pick the type of wood it wanted. He says his store wanted oak leaves that were the natural shape.

There’s some debate over whether you can carve a sign like that using a power saw or not. It seems like a lot of effort just to cut it up.

“I could probably carve it for about $1.00 but that’s not too much money in the big scheme of things. It’s a pretty cheap sign,” Barken says.

Barken hopes his store will attract buyers. ”

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How do you carve a wood sign by hand? – Carpentry Business Card Ideas
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