How do I start a handmade furniture business? – How To Start A Small Woodworking Shop

If you have a great idea but are afraid of starting a traditional business, we can help! In fact, we’ll help you find a great place to start. Check out our article on Finding a Great Place to Start as well as our list of great places to start. It’ll give you ideas on how to begin and which businesses are open in your area.

What products do you make?

For our furniture, we are looking for products that can be repaired or worn out over time and are available for sale. We also want items with sentimental value to give a strong indication of the value of the piece being purchased. Please be aware that not all pieces are suitable for this purpose at all times.

Where can I buy and ship my product?

When we are not in business, our customers can order from our online store and order their items from our warehouse where we ship them out to their home or business. As a service to our customers, we have an inventory that we hold for future delivery and we ship items regularly to our customers. Our warehouses have many other services from which we can be contacted for future shipping or for an estimate of shipping costs in your area.

What are your tax rates?
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We don’t have specific sales or uses tax rates listed on our website, so if you are unsure you should contact your local state or local tax office to confirm.

What do you offer besides furniture and glass?

At Shabby Creek, we pride ourselves on making affordable items that can be personalized with your name on the piece of furniture you are enjoying, in addition to our furniture and glass. We are also looking to offer a wide variety of other types of products for personal or professional use. Please contact us to learn about the variety of services and materials we have available.

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How do I start a handmade furniture business? – How To Start A Small Woodworking Shop
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