How can I get free woodworking tools? – Carpentry Business Opportunities

– Free Shipping on any combination of woodworker tools and accessories in your package.

Who can use my money? – The more you pay, the better your rewards.

Can I use a gift card? – Yes, we accept card donations. Please contact us at [email protected] with the size of your donation. Any balance leftover after this payment is made can be sold in our shop and shipped to your door.
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What are your shipping rates? – We offer Priority Mail Shipping for $7.99, Express Mail International for $16.95, and International Priority at $30 to anywhere in the world. To determine the shipping cost from your location, please look here: US and International Shipping Costs

Why Kickstarter? – Many Kickstarter projects can’t succeed on their own without you. Thanks to them, the next person in line to buy a new tool is likely to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars for themselves!

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I am thrilled to present You Are Not What You Eat to you!

You are not what you eat, you are what you don’t eat. (But for those interested you might like to check out my guide to the 10 bad foods).

You Are Not What You Eat is the first book in a series I co-wrote with Dr. Michael Greger. It presents, with humor, a series of examples of food habits that can have serious negative consequences.

The book is full of great food and lifestyle tips from the likes of Kate Upton, Paul McCartney, and even John LeBoeuf. From those examples, the book presents food habits and health dangers that are far more serious than the simple case of eating too much pasta.

Here’s a glimpse of some food quotes from this book:

“Eat what the Romans called ‘flesh and oil.’ I call it ‘nothing and no one.'”

If the Romans had thought of this as a good idea, they would not have made any of the most famous pottery jars in history. The jars they made were big enough to hold an entire village’s livestock. If, as is often the case in the west and eastern Mediterranean, they used the wrong kind of clay for the pottery they made, the holes would get puddles of water or oil.

When they discovered this problem, it was

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How can I get free woodworking tools? – Carpentry Business Opportunities
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