Which time frame is the best for swing trading?

There is no right or wrong time frame, rather they do vary with the market or the market factors.
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For example, if you have short term data as to what is going to happen today, but you have a long term view, then the longer time frame is best. In this case, you want to look at the short term data and the long time frame. If you know the market, long term is probably best. If you know just the tip of the iceberg, short is probably good for you. And if you know nothing at all, you can make most of your trading decisions in the short term based on the current trends, as it is still very early in the bear market.

When doing so, it’s best to get started on the long and long term basis. You should have good access to your money, a portfolio with a very large allocation made over a long period and a long term horizon so that the information can be shared with other market watchers. As for the market, do some online research, see how things have gone and then go ahead on your own. I’m going to put the best advice I can give for the long term, but there is no rule set for the longterm.

How do I make money as a long term investor?

Don’t let the fear of the market be your downfall. It is one of the easiest things to do. Don’t be afraid to lose money, it’s one of the things that makes these markets tick. The only important thing is knowing that if you don’t make a large amount of money in the short term by the time you get out, then you probably won’t win anyway. So, it takes some courage to go out there and put all of your resources in to invest in your long term.

How do I start off long term on my account?

I suggest that you start with a short term, buy some bonds, start a Roth IRA and invest it in gold. In some cases you may be tempted to go long on a CD and sell them, but don’t do it as the long term gains will be so slight in most cases, and the risk you run from holding for too long can be very high.

What is required to achieve an investment return of 6% or more?

You need some exposure to high priced stocks to achieve your goal, but you will need to diversify the portfolio. If you buy and hold these stocks for 1-2 years

Which time frame is the best for swing trading?
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