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The short answer is it depends. The more information you have, the more important it is to invest in some sort of diversification strategy or asset allocation rather than trading for short-term gains. As long as you are investing on the premise that it will pay off in the long run, if it’s doing so you can still make money at the end.

Trading shortterm has its advantages with the right level of knowledge, but it is definitely not the best option since the risks are higher. The short term results are usually dependent upon your risk tolerance, whether you need to go all in or you are willing to take a risk you are comfortable with. This is why trading longer term is highly advisable.

What kind of advice should I follow as a student?

Find out what you’re looking for and try to find it in various books, newspapers and online articles. Learn what other traders are making and reading about them would be a great way to get a feel about your own market. If you’re just starting out, I recommend trying different exchanges and learning all of the features you can.

What are my trading goals?

Find out your ideal trading objective. Make sure that it fits into your life and where you are trying to achieve it.

What should I do at the beginning?

The most important part, is trying to find an approach that works best for you. Remember that you do not want to start out with the same model. That can lead to you buying from the wrong person, and you may lose your investment.

Is trading a career for me?

Trading is absolutely a career on its own, your job requires a lot of hard learning and studying skills in order to become successful. This might make trading easier as there are other people who do the same as you, but you have to work hard to get there. For the beginning, it just takes a lot of determination and hard work, this is just normal in life.

What is the best trading setup or strategy?

The best thing about trading for me at the moment is that there is a wide diversity of platforms available on every market, and since there are so many people trading the same stock, trading strategies can be tailored to many people so there is a lot more options in the mix.

But I know a lot of traders who are starting out with the wrong trades, so who would I recommend?

I would recommend that you try to learn the

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Which time frame is best for swing trading? – Swing Trading Strategies Thinkorswim
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