Which moving average is best? – Swing Trading Stock Options

Here are the best moving averages from last week (minimum 20 stock changes / day) to today (20 stock changes / day):

1. Open $0.27 -0.09%

2. Close $0.34 -1.41%

3. Gain $0.17 0.22%

4. Loss ($0.03) 1.14%

5. Volume $1.43M -12.03%

6. RSI $42.09 -0.02%
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7. Technical Indicator $1.24 -0.34%

Source: FactSet

(Daily and hourly moves are in cents, moving averages are from the previous day’s close/high)

To buy or sell the S&P 500 this week, buy low, sell high.

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Which moving average is best? – Swing Trading Stock Options
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