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We believe the EU referendum has been unfairly tarnished. We have launched a comprehensive and comprehensive study and analysis of the case for Brexit so that Brexit can be properly scrutinised properly, and for us it’s not about leaving EU law by leaving the EU, it’s about properly negotiating trade deals with other countries, the best possible trade deals for farmers and food consumers and working people across the world. We are in a much better position than we were before the referendum.

The study will analyse the economic case for Brexit and the political case for staying in Europe from an economic perspective. We are already seeing the impact. Our export sector is starting to feel the pain of EU regulations – we’ve seen a drop and we’ve seen growth across most parts of the economy. Agriculture is suffering hugely because of the rules in the EU food chain. In the long term this is going to be hugely damaging for farming – we are already seeing it.

We are working incredibly hard to secure an arrangement that is positive for farmers and is a win-win for all of us – a win-win for us all, but most importantly a win-win for the rest of the UK, because the benefits to farmers and the rest of the UK from a good trade deal will come first, before the financial damage. We have to make sure we are in the right place for business and for agriculture and for agriculture and for the rest of the UK, so that we can move on to making a good-not-great future for a new generation of British farmers, and we will do all that we can to make sure that Brexit does not negatively impact them.

So here is our case:

We are the largest exporter outside the EU. With our exports we get 20% of our EU quota. We are the first to be impacted by the EU bureaucracy, as our businesses have to use international agreements for some of our international contracts.

We have a strong agricultural support programme. We supply £400 million worth of support to farmers each year in both the EU and in the rest of the UK. Most of the loans we give to farmers are for cash advances, not cash. With our new agricultural credit scheme, we have a whole new set of rules that require farmers to invest in their own machinery, to take on new business and do everything from applying manure to building a new farmhouse with machinery costing upwards of £10,000

We are a net donor of almost £1bn to the UK agriculture sector

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What is sma50? – The Art Of Swing Trading
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