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A swing trade is, essentially, the currency swing between one currency and another. Currency fluctuates in value between its two main currencies, so it is usually called a forex swap. These trades are made by traders to exchange currencies, and they can be considered as forex hedging or forex protection.

A lot of you might already know the story of how a very popular book about women in tech fell to the ground this year.

But if you were interested in the story of how that book โ€” which won several awards โ€” was acquired by Penguin in 2015, we’ve got you covered.

Penguin’s original goal was to create a women-written “honeycomb” that would allow women writers to showcase their work. But as time went on, they realized that they were losing a ton of men โ€” and that the women writers they knew would be most attracted to the content didn’t work too hard to write for women, who would be too busy with business and family.

Their solution? Create a book about a woman with a job of her own.

At first, the authors were reluctant about publishing the material after the changeover, but decided they had to write about a woman in tech because they knew that would be hard for other authors to write about and couldn’t ignore the “honeycomb” idea.

This book was “bought,” in part, because the authors were interested in the idea of “honeycombing,” rather than trying to create a “honeycomb” book.
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Here’s a quick rundown of the story:

Penguin had approached the authors, two women who had written about startups in their own books and had a history of writing about their experiences. They approached them about publishing a book of their own, and in part because of their previous work they had been in a unique position to know how women in tech were going to deal with the changes.

The book โ€” titled “Women in Tech: The Story โ€” was written and published in two parts. The first and second half was written by the authors.

The second and third parts were self-published by the authors and are available on Amazon.

The book is currently available for pre-order until December 26.

We spoke with Katie Stiles, Author of “Women in Tech: The Story” and Editor of The Next Web, about the acquisition. This is not a “whitelisted” book, so the authors aren’t

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What is a swing trade in forex? – Swing Trading Stocks And Etf
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