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It’s a classic question. This week we have four stocks that will deliver significant gains should you choose to sell:

1. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo was in an unusually good spot recently with many investors taking advantage of the company’s improved balance sheet and good momentum. As of Nov. 24, its consensus price target was up to $92 a share in my opinion, but it still traded in the $59 to $61 range.

The stock will benefit from a favorable macroeconomic outlook and better sales trends. Analysts expect Wells Fargo to have record net income and earnings per share of $1.02 a share for its fiscal year ending June 2015.

2. Wal-Mart

Shares of the largest US retail chain are doing very well over the past several months, with Wal-Mart having made a lot of strides toward its “big box” strategy.

But the company will also benefit from some changes that will reduce inventory levels for the upcoming shopping season. In September, the company moved more than 200,000 employees from its fulfillment centers to more centrally located facilities. And last month, it announced that it will close its 1,100 warehouse stores around the country in November.

According to Morgan Stanley, Wal-Mart stock currently trades in the $60 to $72 range.

3. General Electric

Despite the company’s poor results last year as a result of its weak energy division, investors believe the company will emerge from the financial crisis stronger than ever.

While the company’s stock will see some positive movement from its recent gains through the holiday season, the company will also benefit from the continued strength of the US dollar. On Aug. 8, GE reported stronger-than-expected earnings per share of $1.10, compared to the analysts expectations of $2.10 per share.

That could make GE a decent addition to a portfolio should your investment needs to be somewhat more diversified. This week, it dropped from $51.20 to $50.94.

4. Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)

Tesla Motors is the first big name in the electric car movement to come on the market. Not only is it the only car maker to come out of nowhere and become known for its success, it also sells its cars directly to consumers.

It’s not for a lack of trying on Tesla’s part. Since its initial public offering in 2004, the stock price in the stock has been in the $100

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What are the best stocks to swing trade? – Investors Underground
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