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I don’t know about that,” he says, as one person nods.

But that’s a pretty weak argument. What about some people like Mike, who were trying to make a killing in the pre-trading days? Or Bob, who was trying to make money as an independent trader? They lost money. And they were trying to do it anyway, according to those who were in the know.

So, are they to blame for what happened to John and Chris and their trades? No—not even a little bit. But, as Mike was saying, a group of people may have been in the wrong. You can find fault with traders who were in the wrong, but you can’t blame the traders for why they were in the wrong.

Sporting Kansas City FC is entering the 2016 season with a big decision to make on their midfield: How good of a possession juggernaut can they really get when they switch to a diamond formation in the middle of the park?

The diamond has its limitations in the defensive midfield, but it’s much less harmful in the attack with the right players in place. It’s what they play for their most-softer style, but with their center backs and wingers, it’s also what the Red Bulls used a year ago and the Crew did recently with their formation.

The most glaring difference this time around is how a central defender can shape up against the wing. If you think back to the Red Bulls’ match against Columbus in 2015, it was as much a result of the defensive lapses of the defending team as the attack, and New York had three central defenders who were not all close to the attacking midfielders in their formation.

So Sporting might want to take a closer look at how well their back four can keep clean sheets over the course of the entire season. How well they are able to hold the ball up while the attack goes up and down the pitch, and how well they can break up play when the ball is played up-field or when the possession of the ball is lost.

Here’s a simple table of Sporting Kansas City’s game vs Chicago Whitecaps FC on October 16th.

First, I looked for each team’s key defensive issues:

It seems clear that Sporting KC has been better in possession than Chicago, but that might be for nothing. Here’s a look at the average passing distances for each team’s key pass combinations, and how that correlates with how that team’s defense has been able

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Do swing traders make money? – Swing Trading Books
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