Can you make money scalping stocks? – Learn Swing Trading India

It is difficult to make money scalping stocks, and unless your stock is in the top five, you may not be the best person to ask. It is more important that you make a good impression on the people that you meet.

For example, if you want to try an investment opportunity, you would generally like to meet those who are interested in the company, and don’t want to be bothered by any questions about the company. If a person does call you, if they are in the middle of the discussion and you have not had the chance to respond, then just ignore them and move on. Remember, you will probably find that most people will be interested in what you have to say anyway.
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Does it take many investors a year or more to realize that all you need is three or four investors with good taste and a great reputation?

We don’t see many investors, especially new investors, come up with three or four people who look like they will have a great reputation. In addition, a lot of these investment opportunities require that you take an initial position.

People do tend to believe that they can “buy and hold.” They can’t necessarily sell their shares at the IPO when they feel that they can benefit from the sale. If you are considering doing an initial public offering in the public market, you need to first have the good reputation you want to have.

We recommend that you first look at a private company to determine if you have the right expertise for this type of investment. A big company is usually much more difficult to work with. Even if you do know enough to come up with a reasonable guess if you do want to start working with this type of company, you may not want to do this because of the time and effort that it takes. If you take on an initial public offering, then you have more time and probably have the necessary experience to make the right decision.

If you do decide to invest in the private market, I don’t suggest that you start your investment with any large investors who have gone all in. You’ll save time and money if you just invest in smaller companies and let them start making some investments. A large company has the advantage of being able to spend more money on marketing, but for the investor, you’ll be wasting your time and money on advertising to find out if the person is even interested in your product or service.

How can you make money doing your own online trading?

You can make money with trading

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Can you make money scalping stocks? – Learn Swing Trading India
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