Can you get rich day trading? – Best Swing Trading Setup Using Finviz

A: No, you get ripped off.

What’s important to understand is that the market is not governed by a group of experts. It’s governed by human psychology. What’s important to recognize is that the human mind has its own set of rules for making predictions, and many of those rules are also applicable to day trading (however, I am a firm believer of the “fear of missing out” rule – this is why my trading philosophy is to never buy the stock I’m covering (a common mistake during day trading, especially during bull markets). However, there are times where you might miss some action, regardless what the stock is, and then that can be indicative of that market’s direction. The key is how you react and react quickly.

So what are your tips for investing in stocks day trade?
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First, the trading process is complex. However, you can break it down into a series of small steps that work, in order to save you from the overwhelming amount of human effort involved in day trading.

Step 1. Focus your attention on the stock. Focus on reading charts, watching videos, reading stories, seeing what other people are holding, looking at reviews, talking with people in the industry. Find someone who can teach you something and that person can help you understand what things they love about the stock.

When you’re ready to trade, pay attention to when to buy and when to sell and think about how much you’ll buy and how much to sell.

Step 2. Get some experience. You’ll learn faster if you get some experience. The best way to learn to trade is by actually trading the stock. Don’t believe me? Ask somebody who’s tried trading. If you fail at trading, don’t believe me? Try that again and again with different people, different types of investing, and watch and listen to people in the industry. Practice trading while waiting for better advice, and if you get a good trading teacher you can start taking action.

Step 3. Find a good advisor. Do your homework. You don’t need to find someone in the industry to advise you. What you need is someone who has already had some success trading, who has been a successful professional for many years, and who has the tools, experience, and training you’ll need to start taking action on your own.

My first real advice on day-trading was given to me at a meeting where no one was there to teach me a way

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Can you get rich day trading? – Best Swing Trading Setup Using Finviz
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