Can I make a living trading options? – Swing Trading Strategy Forex Book

Yes, but only if you have $50,000 to $500,000 in assets. To qualify, you must hold some type of investment account.

I can’t afford to buy option contracts, but I want to make a small fortune.

I know this will be the only time I will offer you a $100,000 option contract. You don’t want to be selling options to a buyer that doesn’t have $100,000, right? You might make out well, though as you continue to make money, your expenses will start to outstrip your income.

My account is already in a high tier of credit card debt. Can I get a higher credit card?

The $2,000 annual limit on all of your credit cards may not be enough to entice many people into taking on high credit card debt.

You can try to get a better credit report through a credit bureau with a higher score, but that’s a challenge at the moment. More credit cards is never a bad thing, but if you can’t afford to pay the $99/month interest on a credit card, I don’t see it as a good investment.

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I can find one of the best credit card deals out there. What do they care about a year’s worth of sales volume?

You don’t want to go looking for an all-in-one plan with a lot of monthly fees. Most people will need to save at least $50 to $500/mo for a long term to pay off credit card debt.

That’s only if their household income stays constant, which I bet it can’t.

I want to use the money I would have raised from option sales to pay off my student loan.

It’s important to realize that the options are only a pittance at this juncture, but they can pay off a lot of debt fast.

This will be easier to accomplish using cash, but if you have to pay for student loans, it’s good to use options that don’t require loans.

My friends are getting married, so they’re buying a home. And I want to sell an option contract.

I am a firm believer that if you’re trying to sell investment opportunities, you better have a lot of money in the bank, and you should be ready with a big enough position to make back your money quickly if your company is a success, if you can, or your business fails.

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Can I make a living trading options? – Swing Trading Strategy Forex Book
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