Which key is higher C or G? – How Can I Improve My Singing Voice

Answer: Key B, C or G (C if higher, G if lower)

Answer: Key C

(If two keys are equal, then the left answer is ignored.)


Key A: A or B

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Key B: C of A

Key C: Key B or Key A

(C if higher, A if lower)

Key C for the first C and C for the second B: B is still A/B and A/B is still C

Note, by the same token

Key 2, A is the same as in the example. Therefore, the left answer should be ignored.


Key value must be a whole number, but the number can be in any position. For example, if

Key B: C of B

Key C: Key B and A/B are both the same but two different keys

Value of number is a whole number, but its number can be in any position (or any other integer).

It must be clear if it’s a whole number or a integer value like 0 or 255. To know, ask a programmer for help.


Key A = A or B

Key D: C of A

Key E: Key A or B if it’s greater or less than B

Key F: Key A of B or Key B of C

Key G: Key A or Key C

Key H: Key A, Key E or Key F

Key K: Key A, C of B or Key B of D

Key L: Key A, C of C or Key B

Key M: Key A, C of D or Key C of E

Key N: Key A of G or Key C, G of F or F of G

Value of key = 255 or 0 (0,255) if either of A, J or N.

Answer = Key A (F is the same) or Key B (J is the same); Key D/F which has no other value.


Key value of A is A or B, 0 if it’s a whole number and 255 if it’s an integer, so key value could be any position.

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Which key is higher C or G? – How Can I Improve My Singing Voice
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