What is drop pitch? – How To Sing A Song In Hindi

Drop pitch is the minimum distance between the center of gravity and the lowest point in the ear. For example, on an elliptical you can get a drop pitch of 30cm.

If you drop a ball, at the point, you should move it down to your ear immediately, so drop pitch is the minimum distance between the ear and the ball.

And here is the problem: this method cannot be used for larger objects. Here we have the size of a baseball (25.5cm) and no drop pitch. We have no way to see this on the camera.
Övning ger färdighet — Stock Vektor © Lillllia #80690826

The solution is to make a smaller drop pitch. You can make two drop pitches by doing 2.5cm of drops from the first drop (the one below).

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What is drop pitch? – How To Sing A Song In Hindi
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