What is mahogany used for? – Sims 4 Skills How To Learn Singing Skillfully Moving

I have only a brief understanding of the wood types that are being used for different purposes and I would like to clarify one question in particular to help me in understanding the use of the wood to me as a craftsman.
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When would an American use mahogany?

There have been many times when American craftsmen have used mahogany for their designs. I know these times are in the past and have been many years but the use of mahogany continues at a very high level.

When would an American use Mahogany as a hardwood?

I can think of many times in the past when American craftsmen have used mahogany as a hardwood. For example, in New Orleans, Mahogany was used from 1910 to 1927. In the 1920’s they were using the hardwood Mahogany from Alabama. In the 1930’s they switched over to the softwood Mahogany imported from Thailand! And, in the 1940’s when the Great Depression hit, and as a result of the war, they began using mahogany as a hardwood with Mahogany from Florida. In the 1950’s, when they had a supply crisis, they switched over to hardwood mahogany imported from Thailand!

What is the most common name for it?

As you can see, the first two names I can think off the top of my head for this softwood are mahogany and pine. I do not know how common these terms are and I do not know the meaning of both of these terms.

I wonder, if it was hard wood, what would its name be and what kind would it be?

In the US, mahogany is called “Mahogany” and pine is called “Pine”.

Could you give me an example of something wood that is used extensively and yet is not commonly called Mahogany?

It is hard to know what would be the most common wood for a given project that involves wood that can be used on a woodworking project. I would guess it is a hard wood like pine that would make good hardwood on a hardwood project.

If it is hard wood, what should the name of which I have suggested be the first two words be?

As you can see above, mahogany is used extensively and yet, I have not heard of a particular project involving pine using mahogany wood being called the “Mahogany” project.

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What is mahogany used for? – Sims 4 Skills How To Learn Singing Skillfully Moving
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