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Singing of course goes back thousands of years. The word is said to be a translation of the word “sibyl”, meaning “song or music”. Today there are two ways of singing the Star Wars cantina lyrics.

Cantina Singing

A classic way to sing the cantina music are singers to sing in a sing along style. Most of these singers will start their song by playing a string instrument called a violin, or if they’re playing on a keyboard. After you’ve completed your song they will then play the cantina music on this instrument. The audience usually follow along with them on many variations, but for those that prefer a classical singing approach, you can add some words to the end of your song.

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Some performers are very good at reciting a lot of lyrics. This can help them learn the language, as the Cantina music itself is relatively low in the Cantina lyrics. As you can imagine this is very interesting for the audience. If you’re a Cantina performer and want to perform, contact us today to learn more about our free Cantina Cantina lessons. The cost is $25 for one hour of learning cantina, or we’ll waive the $25 and send you $50 off of that amount for 10 lessons!

Podcasting Cantina

If you’re a serious Cantina fan that is looking for more than just a one off Cantina Cantina lesson, you’ll want to consider podcasting. We’re very happy to offer free Cantina Cantina lessons for your listeners. If you do not have access to the internet, or if you prefer not to pay for a Cantina Cantina lesson, feel free to contact us today and get your Cantina Cantina class today!

If Cantina Singing sounds like the language for you, we’ll also have an audio Cantina Cantina lesson for you.

Click here to find out more about Podcasting Cantina and our Cantina Cantina lessons.

If you would like to learn from a Cantina Cantina expert, call us at:

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Is Singing hereditary? – El Perdon Nicky Jam How To Learn Singing Nepali Paisa Share
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