Is singing a talent or skill? – How To Sing Better Female

A talent?

I’ve never made a bad musical choice. That’s why I made [The Voice].

I’ve never been afraid of a mistake, that’s why I always did my own thing. It’s just that I wasn’t the most popular kid. I think I took this show, I was really afraid it would be, like, a flop. I wouldn’t have been able to put out a record.

But then everybody came back and I was really successful again.

A skill?

Of course. We all did our own thing.

Did they have to tell you that?

They just came back, like, “Oh, we forgot. Sorry.”

Are you a teacher?

Yes. I teach at the school.

You mean at your public school?

No, I do private school.

So how do you explain that?

Oh, I just think it was really good at the time, the whole group of kids from my inner city area was just in love. I was like, “Man, I love you, man.” Now that’s what it is. There’s a lot of hate in the world, and that was just the music, man. I was just in the right place at the right time like that.

Why is that your favorite group?

For me, it was like an escape into my own world. Like when people come back and you’re really sad. Now, in general, people are not sad a lot. Even in my own life. The last time, I was so happy I didn’t care, and I didn’t care all the time. Those kids, they go crazy a lot, and I’m happy when they’re happy. I mean with them, yeah, they’re sad. But in general they’re so happy.


They really appreciate the person, and that’s what they get, is love. So I’m like, I know they hate me, but they realize that they love me. So they’re all in the same box.

Are you the best-selling artist in the world?

There’s nothing wrong with that. I had that all going on in my head. I just never thought about it.

So you don’t worry about your album?

No, I don’t care. I still believe in my art. There’s always a reason I’m doing

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Is singing a talent or skill? – How To Sing Better Female
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