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What was the ark and how did it come to be?

The world was very young when Noah arrived on the ark, so it was not long before his family lived in the vicinity of the sea. As Noah began to travel through the region, he began to encounter animals of all sizes that did not fit on the ark. The water became murky around the ark because of the lack of oxygen, and the water temperature was dropping. This caused the animals to suffocate.

Over time, the animals began to suffocate as Noah filled the ark, but Noah did not realize the severity until it was too late. The animals got loose from all of the ark, and they began to swim through the water. Noah quickly realized that the animals were drowning, and he pulled the animals out of the water and buried them on top of high mountains, such as at Mount Ararat. Later, the mountains became covered with fossils, as the animals were left there to rot.

Today, you may be wondering, “How does Noah waterproof the ark? What was the ark and how did it come to be?”

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The ark was built completely of clay. The ark had walls the thickness of the walls of the Grand Canyon. The roof was built of papyrus, which is a tough yet soft material that can be shaped like a rope. The walls were built of papyrus and they were made in the Egyptian style that has been around for about 12,000 years. This style has many things that tell us that it was made by humans. The walls had round windows and a central pillar was a large rectangle. If you look at the top, it looks like a triangle, rather a “double triangle” shape.

On the inside, it is made of copper, as the walls are copper plated with copper. The inside of the ark has copper in it, as the copper is made into a plug for plumbing. The interior was covered with copper plates. Copper doesn’t melt and corrode easily, so the copper has been embedded into the skin. When the animals were in the ark, the copper was made into a plug, which was placed in the ground about a month before it went into the flood.

The ark was able to hold thousands of animals, as many as 9 at a time. The ark is so large that it took thousands of men to build it. Noah must have filled it with water, either with a pump

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How did Noah waterproof the ark? – How To Sing Clearly
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