Is a contralto voice rare? – Can You Teach Yourself To Dance

Absolutely. It makes you feel very special being around it.” So, even if you can’t make it as a contralto – or a “trombone” or whatever that term is used for those voices – you’re welcome to listen, to feel, to experience it. And if you want to learn to play it, there’s tons of excellent free resources – some of which are free online. You can get a good, thorough primer on this whole contralto/trombone thing by watching this video.

As for other instruments – well, what does a piano have to do with anything? You can start with an acoustic piano. Or a harp, or an electric piano, or a vibraphone, or a drum. If these instruments aren’t your thing, you can get to grips with an electric piano, using its electric effects such as trills, vibrato, or multiple voices for more variety. Then if you don’t want to sit and learn this particular instrument, you can use one of the “free” online resources for this specific purpose.

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What are the pros and cons of an electric piano or harp? They’re all pros, but there are definitely some cons. The primary cons – at least for me and, in particular, guitarists – is that electric pianos have a larger soundstage than most acoustic pianos. If you’re a guitar player – or if you’re an “analog” player (as opposed to digital, “digital digital” players like my son Jon and Justin) – you’re definitely going to like the idea of playing a bigger range, so it’s better for you to play this way. And playing this way, I find, can be more challenging at first. The main issue with this is: you are not playing in the same space you did as an acoustic piano – you are moving around a larger area. And a larger area means a higher degree of spatial awareness. But you’re at a stage where you can “see”, so it’s all good.

Also, I’ve found that most of the effects that you can use on an electric piano are more limited than they are on an acoustic – not because you can’t use them properly, but because there are no extra inputs to them. And this is good – because it means that you can be more expressive, play higher speeds, with fewer bends etc. – thus giving a bigger range of your voice to play.

And to get a feel for the size of

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Is a contralto voice rare? – Can You Teach Yourself To Dance
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