Can you learn to sing in a year? – Bbc Learn To Sing

It depends on the person I’m doing it with. I think if you want to learn to sing it quickly, I’d say the way to do that quickly is to learn to sing with an orchestra. If you have an affinity with an orchestra I think you can pick that up really quickly. If you’re having an emotional reaction to music that’s very specific to you then I think you can learn faster with an orchestra. If you can sing it with an orchestra and they are able to tell you what you’re doing and if they can play the part you’re playing, I think it is much easier. But I think the good way to learn is to start with a new group of people and see how it goes.

There are musicians that say that to do a solo you need to be in a studio setting. Is that accurate?

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It depends on who I’m with and what I like about them and what I do and what I’m feeling. I think in a group setting you’re often less able to see how you’re doing because the orchestra is taking away the physicality of that situation. You can really play the instrument really strong and really sound the way you are capable of when the orchestra takes away that element. And I think in a live setting I can get to the point where I really feel comfortable in a group singing with a piano and it can be fun. At home I can do that but at a live venue I don’t really feel like it’s the same because I tend to be less aware of where I’m positioned physically. So I’m always on the move in a live setting, so the way that I can go is up and down in my body. So I think if you want to go on stage with a orchestra and you’re playing on a keyboard and you’re not sitting really close to the instrument and singing and the musicians are playing around you and you have to make your movements so dynamic and you have to really feel it all with all your body and you have to understand the dynamics and the movements that you’re making with your body to sound the way you want to sound if you’re going in there with a small group, that’s the wrong way to go. The way that I go at home I just kind of find my way and try to be on the move as much as I can at home.

If I’m doing a song and I feel I’m going too slow or too fast?

Well I feel like I want to go as fast as I

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Can you learn to sing in a year? – Bbc Learn To Sing
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