Why is rap called rap? – Leap 2 Learn Rapid City Sd Zip Code

It started off as an art form and as much as I liked hip hop, we had something called rap on the radio at the time. So I said, “let’s call it “rap”.” So we did, which is what we called it for about a year but then it stuck around a little bit longer and we were called that. It wasn’t on it’s own, by the way, because there were two other things called “rap” and a little bit called rock ‘n’ roll. They were in all caps but the way we were spelling that got us a little bit of shit from hip hop. It was funny at first because we had no name for it. It was a hip hop thing. So we just kept doing it and it just kept happening over and over. We were doing a lot of different things and it didn’t matter who we called them. We just had our names and everything would be “rap.”

You and The Game and Kendrick would really get into it though.

Well they all did. That’s the way it was. We started talking about it and said we gotta start doing something with it. It was a crazy, crazy thing to see it evolve. At that point, just the whole concept of rap music was just starting to catch on. It was always something new to see. It was the future of hip hop. All the hip hop writers were working and just kind of getting out of Chicago. It was just like a whole new area in terms of hip hop.

Do you remember the first time you heard The Game and that came up soon after.

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Oh man. We were doing a show with The Game in Chicago and he came up to me. I didn’t even know who the hell we were. He didn’t know the word, or the concept of rap. He was just rapping and I had no idea what rap was. One thing led to another. We were just having a laugh. I was like, “I know what rap is.” And then I started to know how to rap and it was something I was into for a long time. He was all about it too because he wanted to learn how to rap.

You guys had that “It’s hip hop or Die Tryin'” video that came out when you filmed Game’s new album. When did you find out you were gonna be one of the artists for the video?

Just the concept and the fact that the song was called ”

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Why is rap called rap? – Leap 2 Learn Rapid City Sd Zip Code
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