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Image caption The video was tweeted in September by a Twitter user “duncan”

A Twitter account allegedly run by the UK branch of Isis says it could be the first group in the world to “exploit and conquer” the internet.

In a video posted on its official Twitter feed, the group says its followers will “defend the faith”.

It is believed to be based near Raqqa, the Syrian city where jihadist militants declared they had taken control of the provincial capital last month.

The video was accompanied by a tweet accusing a British journalist of “shocking disrespect towards Muslims” for talking about the group.

The tweet, which was reported by the Guardian, warned that “the only Muslims allowed to write stories about #Isis are those wearing the orange uniform – not westerners”.

It ended: “It was only a twitter account that managed to spread this disgusting message and provoke outrage.

“In time, if you continue to support them and act in the name of Allah, then our future will be safe & our nation will conquer the world. Allahu Akhbar.”

Earlier this month a British citizen of Bangladeshi origin was arrested in northern Syria while reportedly plotting attacks against the US.
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The Isis video’s release comes following the US military’s seizure of the

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What word rhymes with pretty? – Wanna Learn Rap God Whole Song
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